Our Mission

Βοήθησε μας να βοηθήσουμε τους άλλους!

Volunteering is a Way to Find the Meaning of Life. It concerns all of us!

We recognize that what we have to offer is important and valuable and that our actions have a significant impact on those around us. As such, whatever we do, we do it responsibly, with honor and complete respect for the values we serve

We are in a permanent learning process and always strive to do our best.

Because volunteering inspires us!

Our missions are summarized below:

Provide aid

to our fellow human beings in the form of humanitarian missions, provision of first aid, risk prevention and protection, response in emergency situations, search & rescue. (earthquakes, floods, snow, technological accidents, search and rescue in mountainous or urban areas).

Love the environment

Actions for environmental protection

Development of collaborations

with other voluntary groups not only with the aim of exchanging knowledge and experiences and the creation of a “shared identity” among first responders but also the best coordination during the operations in the field of incident.

Strengthening social awareness

in civil protection issues and spirit of voluntary work through information campaigns and promotional activities

Continuous training and development

of methods in the fields of technologies and equipment related to rescue, prevention, safety, telecommunications, emergency response etc.

Provision of social services

aid and financial assistance to support vulnerable social groups

Volunteer recognition

that can come in a variety of formal and informal ways. Such as, by saying “thank you” often or through supporting them, organizing social events, excursions etc.